The transanal total mesorectal excision (TaTME) is a procedure that optimizes the selection of ones distal margin and potentially improves the rate of mesorectal completeness when performing a proctectomy in selected patients.

Didactic and hands-on courses are necessary to provide interested surgeons with the knowledge and initial expertise when considering the introduction of this procedure into ones practice.

Courses can exist in different formats including didactic components in combination with observing live-surgery, dry-lab practice and hands-on proctored cadaveric components.

Attending courses with surgeon-partners also planning on performing this procedure will allow for a collaborative phasing in of the technique in both practices. At course completion, surgeons are tasked with selecting the appropriate patients for the initial part of their series.

We would stress ensuring that these initial cases are done by surgeons in a group so as to assist one another, as well as ensuring that part of ones early experience is proctored to assist with the early learning curve as well as to avoid any of the potential risks of the procedure.