Lonestar retractor

Mathieu D’Hondt
Mohammed Abu Hilal

The transanal part of the technique starts with the placement of the Lonestar retractor, which consists of a plastic frame and a set of hooks.

Lonestar retractor

A minimum of 6 hooks are needed to completely stabilize the frame and open up the anal canal. For a tighter anus, we prefer to use 8 hooks.

The hooks are carefully placed, one by one, at the level of the anal verge, then retracted and fixated in the plastic frame. The use of a clamp can help to place the hooks in the
right position and will avoid injuring the surgeon’s hands.

After placement of the first hook, the second one is positioned in the site directly opposite to stabilize the frame. 

hooks are carefully placed 1

The 3th and 4th hooks are also placed directly opposite to each other, as are the 5th and 6th hooks. 

hooks are carefully placed 2

As an end result the anus opens up well and access for the platform is achieved.

hooks are carefully placed 3
Holdafbeeding video

Video Lonestar install

Holdafbeeding video

Video Lonestar Colin Sietses